Math Intervention

Here you can find information on Mrs. Knickerbocker’s Math Intervention classes for the 2014-15 school year.


Mrs. Knickerbocker


What is Math Intervention?

Math Intervention is a class that students take in addition to their Algebra 1 or Geometry course. This class acts as a support for struggling math students, and helps to build fundamental math skills like fact fluency, fractions/decimals/percentages, application problems, and other topics that are more inline with the Algebra 1 curriculum.  Progress is tracked, and if a student makes enough progress, they will have the option to exit the course. Exit from the course is possible at the end of each marking period, provided the student has made adequate progress, is on grade level, and is passing the course.


**New this year**

This year, we will be using StarMath as our progress monitoring assessment program. This program is aligned to the Common Core curriculum, and will track a student’s improvements and progress in their skill level.

We will also be using and These websites will help students with their reasoning skills, as well as their fact fluency.

Class Rules

  1.       Be respectful
  2.       Come to class prepared and on time
  3.       Use class time wisely
  4.       No outside electronic devices (cell phones, iPods…)
  5.     No sleeping or laying your head on the desk
  6.     No talking when the teacher is talking.


Grading Breakdown

Class work: 40%

Effort: 5%

Improvement: 5%

Participation: 40%

Quizzes: 10%



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