Geometry G

Here you can find information on Mrs. Knickerbocker’s Geometry G classes for the 2014-15 school year.


Mrs. Knickerbocker



Class Rules

  1.       Be respectful
  2.       Come to class prepared and on time
  3.       Use class time wisely
  4.       No outside electronic devices (cell phones, iPods…)
  5.     No sleeping or laying your head on the desk
  6.     No talking when the teacher is talking.


Extra Help

Extra help will be available before school daily in B22, and after school on Mondays and Tuesdays in F3. Please let me know ahead of time, and come will your materials and an idea of what you would like to go over.


Make up work

Any missed homework, class work, and quizzes can be made up until the day of the unit test. Any missed tests must be made up within one week of returning to school, unless other arrangements are made with Mrs. Knickerbocker.


Grading Breakdown

Tests         30%

Quizzes     25%

Homework  20%

Class work  25%


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