Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school! 

This year I will be teaching 3 Math Intervention courses and 2 Geometry G courses. I look forward to meeting many new students, as well as seeing my previous students again. 


Keep checking back for notes, extra help, answer keys, and extra credit opportunities! 

Dear Geometry Students,

Hey guys! Unfortunately, I will not be back this year. I went to the doctors last week, and my blood pressure was very high, which is not safe for the baby. They decided that I could not work anymore before the baby is here. Since we were not expecting for me to be out so early, a long term substitute has not been set up yet. The principals and the head of the math department are working on getting someone in as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, I am no longer the one creating the lessons for the sub. As long as you are not interrupting someone’s classes, I’m sure that another math teacher would be more than willing to help you out until a permanent math sub is found. I understand that today’s class is very frustrating, but please know that everyone is doing the best they can until a substitute is permanently in place. 

I hope everyone has a great rest of the year, and know that this confusion and uncertainty is only temporary. There will hopefully be someone permanently in my place at some point next week. 


– Mrs. Knickerbocker